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When is Finger Amputation Necessary?

Finger amputation is a last ditch effort when it comes to a severe finger injury.

It’s naturally not the preferred method of dealing with such an injury. The medical professional seeing you will first attempt to use other methods if at all possible.

So when exactly is a finger amputation necessary? Here’s what you need to know about when such a procedure is warranted.

About Finger Amputations

When is Finger Amputation NecessaryThere are two main types of finger amputations. The first is performed by a medical professional to treat another finger injury or problem. The second is when the finger (or part of the finger) is amputated accidentally.

Amputation is usually the last option for finger injuries. Even when a part of the finger is removed during an accident, a surgeon will likely consider the pros and cons of reattaching a cut finger.

A few of the things your doctor will consider about amputation/replantation include:

  • Functional length of finger
  • Sensibility of finger while in use
  • Functionality of adjacent joints
  • Possibility of prosthetic fitting

In short, the pros and cons of a finger amputation are weighed against what will be best for you, the patient, in both the short and long term.

What to Do for a Finger Injury?

The most important thing you can do when you injure your finger, no matter the severity, is seek medical attention right away.

Letting a finger problem persist can increase the likelihood of amputation due to infection and other factors. Treating a problem right away means you have a much better chance of keeping your finger.

Be sure to clean your injured finger as well as possible. Cover it with a sterile dressing and keep the injured head elevated to minimize bleeding and swelling.

If your fingertip was cut off, clean the amputated section and keep sterile in a saline solution. Place the fingertip in a sealed bag and keep it cold with ice (do not let the fingertip directly touch the ice though).

The Next Step

Contact a professional at DFW Wound Care Center for more advice and information on what to do with a finger injury.  Our experts know the proper steps to take as well as when a finger amputation is necessary.