wound care requires leg amputationBacteria and infection are the main enemies of non-healing wounds. Left untreated, an infection can damage the tissue, muscle, arteries and bone surrounding the wound. There are situations where an infection in a wound or ulcer has become so severe that it threatens a person’s health and an amputation might be considered. Amputation is the surgical removal of a limb such as a foot or toe. An amputation should be considered when issues such as infection or a lack of blood flow puts a patients health at risk.

Reason for an Amputation

Regarding wound care, the most common reason for an amputation is poor circulation. Diseases such as diabetes can lead to poor blood circulation. When blood flow is not circulating adequately to a particular area of the body, that area cannot get oxygen-rich blood. The result is the affected tissue begins to die and infection quickly sets in. One of the decisions for amputation is to help stop the infection from spreading throughout the body.

Recovery from an Amputation

Many people have successfully recovered from an amputation and live a vibrant and healthy life. However, there can be a sense of loss and discomfort following an amputation. Our team works with our patients through the emotional and physical distress following an amputation.

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