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What Conditions Can Compression Therapy Treat?

Compression therapy is a very effective form of wound care that strives to increase blood flow and treat other circulatory problems.

The concept tends to focus on the legs. In most cases, special compression socks or stockings are worn to give the veins more support. This support, in turn, improves overall circulation and improves other circulation issues.

Here’s what you need to know about compression therapy and the specific conditions it can treat.

What is Compression Therapy?

Specially -designed socks are worn from morning to night to offer the best blood flow benefits of compression care.

The socks stretch the walls of the veins to minimize the risk of blood pooling and improve blood circulation. The end result is less problems with circulation, including reduced swelling.

The best compression socks are made from elastic materials. They compress starting at the ankle then work up the leg. Some compression stockings only go up to the knee while others extend over the thighs. In general, however, compression socks focus their efforts on the lower leg.

In short, compression socks act as a sort of additional muscle. The pressure they add to your leg contracts on areas with minimized blood circulation. Once again, this causes the veins to loosen up and provides more blood flow (reducing any associated pain).

What Does Compression Therapy Treat?

Compression therapy treats a variety of medical issues. It’s generally only used for those with chronic forms of venous diseases.

Though chronic venous diseases have any number of causes, those conditions that benefit most from compression therapy include leg injury, leg surgery, extreme weight gain, obesity, immobility, and blood clots.

A notable aspect of compression therapy is its long-term benefits. It reduces pain and swelling almost right away but also greatly reduces the risk of developing issues in the future.

Simply put, compression therapy is one of the top treatments recommended by medical professionals for those struggling with dilated veins, aching legs, poor blood flow, and other circulatory problems.

The Next Step 

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