What are Internal Diabetic Wounds?

Diabetes is a sneaky disease because it has side effects that quickly turn run-of-the-mill issues into chronic, difficult-to-treat problems. Fautly wound healing is one such side effect. If your body can’t heal wounds properly, you run a higher risk of developing localized infections that could lead to systemic infections, amputation, or worse. Wounds are generally divided into external and internal, and both are serious. Internal wounds, though, often require a more intensive approach.

Potential for Repetiton

What are Internal Diabetic WoundsInternal diabetic wounds have causes that are from within the body, even if the apparent cause is on the surface. An ingrown toenail, for example, starts outside, but because the nail is part of the body, it’s considered an internal wound. Compare that to a scrape you get after bumping into something; that cause is totally external to the body, so that scrape would be an external wound.

What makes internal wounds so much more concerning is their potential to recur. You can get more external scrapes, of course, but you can avoid them by moving more carefully, for example.

Internal wounds can sometimes be avoided, but that toenail, for example, would need intense monitoring to ensure it didn’t grow in the wrong direction again. If you have diabetic neuropathy along with the faulty wound healing, the situation is worse because you can’t rely on normal pain signals to tell you something’s gone wrong.


Treatments for internal wounds depend on the cause. One general treatment is to gain better control over your diabetes. But you may also have options such as compression therapy, laser therapy, and more to help with the acute wound. You must see a specialist to determine the best course of action before the wound becomes too bad.

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