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Are Arterial Ulcers Painful?

Arterial ulcers can be painful around the site of the wound. The level of pain depends of course on the severity of the ulcer. Reduced blood flow can lead to less pain then some might anticipate. Just because there is reduced pain doesn’t mean that the condition is not a big deal. Here are some things to remember when it comes to arterial ulcers.

Cool Areas

Are Arterial Ulcers Painful?Those suffering from arterial ulcers often experience uncomfortable levels of coolness around the limb that is effected. This is a result of the loss of blood flow to the site. Discoloration can also occur.

Pain can come and go with an arterial ulcer depending on the level of blood and oxygen flow present on that day.

Those with diabetes and other conditions can be more likely to suffer from these types of ulcers. They can be difficult to heal and require professional treatment for healing.

Arterial Ulcer Treatments

Arterial ulcers have treated some ways. Debridement is the surgical removal of necrotic tissue to prevent the spread of infection or other issues. Less severe cases can be treated through keeping the wound clean and antibiotic topical treatments as well as oral antibiotics.

Compression therapy can be used to promote greater blood flow to affected areas. This requires wearing special socks or stockings that promote blood flow. This can increase the rate of healing and prevent any further issues. Those prone to circulation problems often wear these for prevention of ulcers and other concerns.

Pain relievers are often used during and after treatment. Great care must be taken to prevent infection in arterial ulcers. Frequent hand washing, reducing exposure to others, and keeping a wound clean and covered are just the basics.

Seeking Treatment

Any wound that doesn’t appear to be healing correctly should be addressed immediately. If you have medical conditions such as diabetes, then you should always have wounds looked at by a doctor if it is much more than a scratch.

Prevention is worth a lot when it comes to ulcers and risk of infection. Contact DFW Wound Care with any questions or concerns. We want to help you on the path to better health and happiness.