Vascular Wounds

Vascular wounds typically result from some type of injury to the leg that causes a break in the skin, which then allows bacteria and air to get into tissue underneath the skin. While most people heal fairly quickly, if there is an underlying problem the skin will not heal properly. Without the proper treatment, the wound will only get larger. DFW Wound Care Center doctors can provide the treatment necessary to minimize the chances of any serious complications occurring.

Causes of Vascular Wounds

If you have a problem with the veins in your legs, you may be at a higher risk of suffering complications from vascular wounds. If your leg veins are damaged or do not work properly, blood can circulate in the wrong direction, putting those veins under a great deal of pressure. This, in turn, can lead to skin damage.

Treatments for Vascular Wounds

There are several treatments for vascular wounds. While most are conservative, there are times where a surgical procedure may be needed. Here are a few of the more common treatment options.

  • Elevation – In many instances, simply keeping your leg elevated for a certain amount of time could help lower pressure in the veins. This could mean putting your leg up on the arm of your sofa or putting something on the end of your bed to keep your feet about six inches higher than your head.
  • Compression Stockings or Bandages – In addition, you may need compression stockings or bandages when you are standing or walking. Again, these will help lower the pressure on your leg veins so you are at a reduced risk for complications due to vascular wounds. You may need to wear them even after the wound has healed so that it will not return.
  • Surgery – In rare cases, surgery may be needed in order to address the problem. While it may take a few months to completely heal, in most instances surgery provides a permanent solution.

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