Surgical Wounds

Surgical wounds are inevitable whenever a scalpel is used to make an incision. Even though surgical procedures are conducted in the safest, most sterile environment possible, there are times where complications can result due to a wound. Please contact the experts with DFW Wound Care Center as soon as you can if you are suffering from this problem so that you can get the effective treatment you need.

Types of Surgical Wounds

According to the American College of Surgeons, there are four main classes of surgical wounds. They are classified according to how contaminated the wound has become so that doctors can quickly determine whether or not a risk of infection exists, and also determine the correct method of treatment.

Class I wounds include laparoscopic surgeries, biopsies, eye procedures and others. These wounds are typically clean and do not pose a high risk of infection. Class II wounds occur when wires or pins are removed, as well as in some ear, gynecologic and chest procedures. These usually have a slightly higher infection risk than Class I wounds.

Class III wounds are associated with surgeries needed to repair trauma such as a knife or bullet wound, while Class IV wounds are linked to foreign objects lodged in the body. These typically pose the highest risk for infection.

Symptoms of Infected Surgical Wounds

There are several signs your body will give to warn you that a surgical wound has become infected. For example, you may feel that the skin surrounding the wound is hot, or you may notice drainage that is either discolored, cloudy or foul smelling. Fever, swelling and increased pain are other common symptoms.

Treatments for Surgical Wounds

When surgical wounds become infected, there are several different types of treatments. Your doctor will determine whether antibiotics will be sufficient to attack the infection or another course of action will be needed.

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