Chronic Wounds

Whenever wounds fail to heal within a normal time period, they are typically considered to be chronic wounds. This could be caused by several different factors, including a lack of nutrients, oxygen or blood or an infection. Visit DFW Wound Care Center so an experienced medical professional can perform an examination and determine the right course of treatment.

Types of Chronic Wounds

The treatment you receive will depend on the type of wound you have. There are several kinds of chronic wounds, and all have to be taken extremely seriously in order to minimize the risk of potential complications.

Infections can lead to the development of chronic wounds in many instances. Whether the cause is a virus, bacteria or fungus, proper medication will be needed in order to help properly heal a wound. An ischemic wound occurs when the affected area does not receive a sufficient amount of blood, either delaying the healing process or preventing it completely.

An ulcer is the most common type of chronic wound. Venous ulcers, for example, typically occur in the lower legs due to varicose veins, high blood pressure, blood clots in the legs and other reasons. People who are bedridden often develop another form of chronic wound known as a pressure ulcer, or a bed sore.

Symptoms of Chronic Wounds

The symptoms of chronic wounds will vary depending on the type of wound suffered. For example, an infection may result in pus drainage, a foul odor, fever, redness or swelling. Ischemic wound symptoms include a decrease of hair growth in the affected area, as well as paleness. Venous ulcers typically result in smooth, shiny skin with either little or no hair.

Treatment of Chronic Wounds

The best way to prevent chronic wounds is to practice proper hygiene and wound care. However, if a wound becomes chronic, you will need to see a doctor to have it treated correctly. Debridement, or the clearing of debris from the wound, may be necessary in order to improve the supply of blood and nutrients to aid healing.

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