Acute Wounds

Acute wounds take place due to injuries that occur suddenly, as opposed to a chronic wound that develops over time. These wounds usually heal at a predictable rate, but people who have diabetes or other underlying conditions may develop complications. DFW Wound Care Center can provide the treatment needed to greatly reduce the chances of complications taking place.

Causes of Acute Wounds

There are several different causes of acute wounds, which can occur on any part of the body. These wounds range from superficial, relatively harmless scratches to deep wounds that can severely damage muscles, nerves, blood vessels and more. You could suffer one by simply rubbing up against a rough surface or by a hard blow that tears tissues.

Treatments for Acute Wounds

The type of treatment required for acute wounds depends on their severity and location. If bleeding occurs, the first priority will be to determine the source and apply pressure to make it stop. Of course, if a severe wound occurs, emergency medical treatment will be needed. A doctor may need to perform debridement in order to clear any dirt, debris or other objects from the wound or to remove dead tissue. Antibiotics may also be needed in order to reduce the chances of infection, and medications may be needed for swelling and pain.

Contact Us About Acute Wounds

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