Nerve Conduction Studies

Nerve conduction studies measure nerve sensations. Your capacity to feel sensations in your foot and ankle have an impact on whether a simple wound might worsen over time. One of the biggest dangers in non-healing wounds is that, when a cut or abrasion is not felt, it can easily be overlooked and become infected. An undetected wound does not receive proper treatment to prevent infections.

Modern Care in Plano, Irving, and Lewisville

Nerve conduction studies by our wound care specialist in Plano, Irving, and Lewisville can provide insight into the cause of your  impacted nerve sensations. Our team has successfully performed thousands of nerve conduction studies to assist in wound management and healing.

How Nerve Conduction Studies Work

Nerve conduction studies measure how effective the nerves are sending signals throughout the body. The study can also diagnose the conditions causing numbness in the lower extremity. Using small electrodes placed on the body, this study checks for interruptions in the communication process from the brain to the body. An electromyogram is also used to locate diseases and problems in the muscular and nervous system that might be the impacting sensation.

Benefits of Nerve Conduction Studies

The biggest advantage for nerve conduction studies is that it is very accurate in locating nerve damage allowing for a faster diagnosis of the wound condition. It is very helpful in uncovering the cause for the tingling sensation and loss of feeling in the lower extremity area.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule a nerve conduction study at our wound care center, contact us online or call our Plano clinic at 972-665-6292, Irving at 972-607-9643, or our Lewisville clinic at 972-318-2383. Our online contact form can also be used for your convenience.