Who is at Risk of Developing Pressure Ulcers

Did you know that the famous actor, Christopher Reeve, the original Superman on the big screen before Brandon Routh, died from a complication of a pressure ulcer?

Pressure ulcers or bedsores are a painful sore or wound that is caused by excess pressure on parts of the skin, leading to tissue damage or tissue death. Most people rarely develop pressure ulcers because the body makes thousands of movements to reduce pressure build up in fragile areas of the body. However, certain risk factors increase the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Persons with Mobility Problems

Who Is At Risk of Developing Pressure UlcersPeople who have had spinal injuries, stroke, or advanced degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis may be unable to move freely.

Being restricted to a wheelchair or bed makes them more susceptible to developing pressure ulcers. Even healthy people in a coma can develop pressure ulcers.  Regular position change can alleviate the pressure on the tissues.

If you have anyone suffering from mobility problems, you should ensure their bed or wheelchair position changes regularly.

People with Certain Diseases

Apart from mobility, your risk of developing pressure ulcers can increase if you suffer from certain diseases. Diabetes, for instance, disrupts the normal flow of blood, reducing the oxygen and nutrients that reach the tissues.

Kidney-related diseases might lead to toxin build up in the blood that can trigger tissue damage, while people with peripheral artery disease may have restricted blood flow that increases the risk of tissue damage or death. Individuals with chronic pulmonary disease have lower oxygen levels in their blood increasing the risk of pressure ulcers.

The Elderly

Skin elasticity reduces as people grow older increasing the vulnerability to damage. Older people have lower blood pressure and less fat in their tissues, increasing the likelihood of developing pressure ulcers.

People with Poor Nutrition or Eating Disorders

Poor nutrition escalates the risk of developing pressure ulcers because poor diet leads to a deficiency in some nutrients required for skin elasticity. People with anorexia nervosa are commonly diagnosed with pressure ulcers due to poor nutrition caused by the eating disorder.

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Pressure ulcers are quite painful and increase the risk of getting infections or gangrene. If pressure ulcers go untreated, they can result in severe infections and eventually even become fatal. People who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers need to take extra precaution and seek medical care whenever sores develop in the skin.

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