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Seeking Laser Therapy for Wound Care

wound care laser therapyLaser therapy is used in a wide variety of treatments; for example, it’s often used to alleviate neck and back pain, address cosmetic issues, and treat early stages of cancer. It’s also commonly used to treat internal and external wounds. Some wounds that are commonly treated with this type of treatment option include infected wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds, arterial ulcers, chronic wounds, surgical wounds, and wounds that just won’t heal.

How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy is often used to reach areas of the body that cannot easily be reached with other treatments. Lasers are also used for their precision, which allows surrounding tissue to remain undamaged by the laser. Lasers accelerate the body’s natural healing processes by using a wavelength of light to increase blood flow at the wound site.

This type of therapy can help reduce pain, accelerate tissue repair, heal wounds, and improve nerve function and vascular activity. Laser therapy for wounds is not usually invasive, lengthy, or painful, but depending on the situation, you’ll likely need to follow a course of several treatments.

When to Consider Laser Therapy

You should consider laser therapy if you have a wound or ulcer that isn’t healing with medications or other forms of treatment. Laser therapy is often more effective than other courses of treatment because it reduces the chances of a wound reopening. It may also cause less scarring and swelling than traditional forms of surgery.

Talk with your doctor about whether laser surgery is the right option for you. Factors that must be considered before pursuing laser therapy include age, health status, and the risks involved with the specific type of therapy. Risks may include bleeding, pain, infection, or a change in skin color. With a wound that refuses to heal, however, the benefits will likely outweigh the minimal risks of therapy.

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