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Potential Complications From Infected Wounds

Potential Complications from Infected Wounds

Everyday around the world, wound-related infections cause a great number of deaths from everyday accidents that while otherwise non-threatening, are made deadly through infection. Bacteria, allowed past the body’s defenses and given freedom to multiply, is often the culprit. Any puncture, cut, abrasion or laceration must be carefully monitored and treated to avoid potential complications from infected wounds that can result in serious conditions. Certain conditions such as diabetes, increase the risk for developing injury infections.An infected wound on the foot


The first complications associated with infected wounds are increased pain, discomfort and a longer healing time. Those with wounds that refuse to heal should seek treatment to rule out life-threatening infections.

Localized infections are usually the result of bacteria growing at the wound site and can result in serious consequences, including the loss of a limb. Cellulitis is a painful infection of the underlying layers of skin, usually caused by staph bacteria. More threatening still are necrotizing subcutaneous infection and gas gangrene. Immediate treatment with intravenous antibiotics is required to prevent loss of a limb, spread of the gangrene or even death.

Generalized Infections occur when the bacteria from a wound enters the blood supply or skeletal system. Tetanus will lead to lockjaw; sepsis, a potentially deadly immune response triggered by infection, can spread throughout the body. Infected injury sites also present the danger of osteomyelitis, a bacterial bone infection.

Signs You Should Consult a Doctor

Look out for continued bleeding, an increase in pain/swelling, a darkened wound area, a fever over 100.4ºF, a lump in the groin/underarm or an increase in drainage. If you present any of these symptoms or your wound just won’t heal, don’t risk potentially life-threatening complications from an infected wound and contact the physicians of DFW Wound Care Center at (972) 665-6292 in Plano, (972) 318-2383 in Lewisville, (972) 607-9643 in Irving .