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Compression Therapy for Ulcer Care

Proper care of ulcers is critical to the health and well-being of those suffering. Without proper care ulcers can become worse and lead to more serious consequences such as amputations and infections.

Compression therapy involves the use of compressive stretchy garments. Since feet and legs are the most affected, this usually means socks or stockings. This treatment is easy for patients to get used to. If someone is prone to ulcers, they may need to wear compressible garments on a daily basis. These are easy to hide under clothing, so no one has ever to know you require them.

Increases Blood Flow For Better Healing

The one thing that hinders a lot of ulcers from healing is the lack of blood flow. With compressive therapy, you are encouraging blood to circulate better throughout your body. When an ulcer has better blood flow then the rate of healing increases. Through compressive therapy, it may be possible to entirely heal ulceration and prevent future problems.

Prevent Infections 

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to ulcer care is the prevention of infection. Compression therapy is effective at preventing ulcers in the first place. Existing ulcers can be healed more rapidly when compression is used so there is less risk of infection from a wound remaining open for longer than it should.

The prevention of infection means the risk of amputation due to ulcers is reduced. For those with major diabetes and other circulation issues, this gives some peace of mind.

Is It Right For Me?

Only an expert can tell you if an ulcer can be helped with compression therapy. DFW Wound Care Centers can assess your ulcers and set up a treatment plan for you. Our caring doctors and staff have the experience and compassion required for difficult-to-treat ulcers.

Compression therapy is one of the less expensive and less intrusive methods of treating ulcers and open wounds that have reduced blood flow.

Contact us today to get started on a treatment plan that addresses your unique wound care needs.